Aurora Mititelu


I am an art director & 3D artist based in Berlin.

Professionally, I work with various international studios and clients to develop compelling 3D content for media installations, digital advertising campaigns, and immersive experiences. I have an extensive understanding of computer-generated imagery and, due to my background in art and design, a broad grasp of color theory, composition, and visual communication.

While my professional practice focuses on how, my artistic practice offers me the space to reflect on the why. Most of the questions I am interested in are concerned with visual perception, aesthetics, cognition, value and culture, and with how computer technologies are challenging and modifying these constructs.

Have worked with & for:

Factory Berlin Berlin, DE
Berlin, DE
Derivative Toronto, CA
United Visual Artists London, UK
Pfadfinderei Berlin, DE
Waltz Binaire Berlin, DE
New Now Berlin, DE
Flora & Fauna Visions Berlin, DE

Exhibitions & Residencies:

Pixii Co-Creation Incubator for Immersive and XR Projects, Belgium 2021 – 2022
A.R.E Generative Art Berlin Exhibition, Germany, 2021
NEO Shibuya TV x New Media Art
Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan 2021
BUM by Amural Exhibition, Romania 2021
Factory Berlin x Sonar+D Artist in Residence, Germany 2019 – 2020
Inter / Intra Human, Factory Berlin Virtual Exhibition, Germany 2020