Experiments using refraction and caustics in 3D rendering.

Suspended Areas is an installation concept that explores the way we interact with digital spaces by understanding how our brains perceive physical space. Drawing from the illusion of space beyond the screen, the installation offers a speculative approach to how new technologies augment our future understanding of digital environments.

The installation uses a camera to capture the image as well as the movement of the observer and then translates the information into the digital, three-dimensional space. By capturing the movement of the viewer, the digital content can mimic the parallax effect our eyes are accustomed to.

Explorations of soft body and cloth simulations in 3D. The renderings were used as part of an internal series of events at OBJ.Studio back in 2020.

Created as a visual experiment using Houdini’s particle system, the Golden series underlines the beauty in the artificial representation of organic forms.

Designing organic yet entirely abstract forms plays with the human affinity towards visual shapes that we perhaps inherently understand and are accustomed to. As computer-generated imagery develops further, the possibilities of representation and human control on the machine increase accordingly, creating more space for abstract experimentation.

Data Spaces is an installation proposal developed in 2018 as an independent research project at Pfadfinderei. With an abstract approach to data visualization, the installation translates the functional aspect of data processing into a series of decorative digital paintings.