Skinned is a research on body modification as an expression of belonging. It particularly focuses on the tattoo culture of Eastern-European prisoners in the early 20th century. Prisoner tattoos are perhaps one of the most valuable ways of visualizing systems of belief and shared values in an isolated community. They represent a means of expression deeply embedded with visual symbols. Universal as well as localized, they reference social structures, stories, and experiences hidden from public eyes.

The video installation shows tattooed skin isolated from its proprietor, in an aim to free one from its own doctrines. Exposed, gentle, and volatile, the artwork stands in contrast to the raw and violent conditions faced by the prisoners, emphasizing the need for community and emotional bonds even in isolation.

BUM Amural, June – October 2021, Brasov RO

Inter / Intra Human by Factory Berlin Artist Circle, April 2020, Virtual Exhibition, Berlin DE