Touch Designer Summit

During the three days it takes place, the TouchDesigner Summit 2019 brought to Montréal many talented creatives in the new media scene, hosting talks, workshops, and performances.

Together with Vanta, I had the chance to capture all these exciting features into a dynamic visual identity that spans from digital to print. All supported by the amazing team at Derivative.

The focus of the visual language is the hybrid community that was created around the software. Rooted in the design of the software’s interface, the visual identity emphasizes the beauty in functionality. The connector, a bold graphical element, reflects the main concept of the identity: the connected community.

The organic, parametric shape is generated in TouchDesigner thanks to a raymarching algorithm. The different variables that define the structure of the 3D element have been synthesized from anonymous data of the attendees.

Art Direction & Design:
Aurora Mititelu

Technical Direction & Creative Code: